This website is generate by BlogiNote, it can show your blog and note with flexible layouts and fancy interaction.

BlogiNote is content driving website, it can generate web pages based on different file formats, like markdown,json and csv and more.

该网站由 BlogiNote 生成,你可以用它来展示学习笔记或博客文章,它对内容布局和交互进行了精心的优化。

BlogiNote 是由内容驱动的,即它可以基于多种不同格式的文件生成网页,例如 markdownjsoncsv 等文件。

Contact Me

If you have any feedback, feel free to contact me with email :envelope: [email protected] or open an issue at Github of this project.

如果你有任何的想法和反馈,请随时给我发送邮件 :envelope: [email protected] 或在该项目的 Github 仓库发起一个新的 issue。

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